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      The Best Radar Detector Reviews

      We supply the best radar detector reviews and best deals you can find online. Stuck on deciding which radar detector you want? Here we share all the best radar detectors that will fit your needs and price. Choosing the perfect radar detector for you is a must. After all, it’s what’s going to help prevent you from getting speeding tickets. Well, let’s take a look at what kind of radar detectors are recommend based on their performance.

      The Ultimate Radar Detector Reviews of The Year


      Radar Detector




      Valentine One Radar Detector9/10$$$$$4.7
      Escort Passport Max10/10$$$$$4.4
      Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector (Blue Display)10/10$$$$$4.5
      Escort RedLine Radar Detector9/10$$$$$4.1
      Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Radar and Laser Detector9/10$$$$4.2
      Cobra Electronics DSP9200BT Radar Detector7/10$$$4.1
      Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector8/10$$$$4.0
      Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Blue Display8/10$$$4.3
      Beltronics Vector V995 Radar Detector9/10$$$4.2
      Escort Max ll HD Radar Detector8/10$$$$4.9

      How to choose the perfect Radar Detector

      Choosing the best radar detector on the market within your price range can be a tricky and difficult task. Firstly, figure out your budget on a radar detector because the performance between cheap radar detectors and the best radar detectors is HUGE. Depending how much you want to rely on radar detector comes with a price just like anything else that’s the “best”.

      From experience with several different kinds of radar detectors “cheap” is not the way to go. To get your money’s worth from these devices your looking to spend at least $150 of a quality radar detector that’s actually going to do something besides give you a bunch of BS alerts.

      Picking a well-known radar detector brand is crucial when choosing the best one. To ensure for the best performing radar detector you want to choose the top brands such as; Beltronics RadarEscort Radar and Valentine Radar. These are all good brands I would suggest when making your final decision. Also, once you think you found the right one do your research and check out the radar detector ratings and reviews.

      Top 2 Radar Detector Reviews

      These are the top two radar detectors I would strongly recommend if money isn’t a problem. By far, these are two of best radar detectors on the market today.

      Valentine One Radar Detector

      Best Radar Detector ReviewsMy favorite radar detector on that’s out right now would be the Valentine one. The prices this radar detector can be quite intimidating at first. Once you this device in your car and see the performance you will understand what the hype is all about.

      The biggest feature on this radar detector is the range that it can detect a radar gun being used by police. Also, it’s very good at identifying false alarms unlike most other radar detectors. This two antenna radar detector doesn’t only pick up what’s in front of you, but what’s behind you too. Lastly, it detects both radar and laser guns used by policemen. A lot of law-enforcement is switching to laser guns and this radar detector detects them all.

      Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector  

      Depending who you ask, the Passport 9500IX is just as good as the Valentine one if not better. After all, the positive reviews on forums and internet are endless. People really like the results this radar detector delivers for the money.

      It’s designed to detect all radar bands used by police radar guns. It has a built-in GPS technology that’s programmable to ensure you never gets caught speeding. On top of that, It has an Auto-learning ability to prevent false alarms which is a great feature to have. Again, if money is not an issue choosing this or the Valentine one, couldn’t be a better choice to make.

      Radar Detector Reviews Under $200

      Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar DetectorMost people don’t have the 400-500 dollars to cough up for the “two best” radar detectors on the market. So here a list of the best radar detectors you can buy for under $200.

      Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

      Coming in at about $175 dollars the Whistler CR90 is the best radar detector money can buy for under $200. The Whistler cR90 is much cheaper but the performance one this amazing radar detector is out-standing.

      The Whistler CR90 comes with three city modes and high modes to work with. It also detects all the newest radar and laser guns being used in the United States. The blue LED-light indicates what kind of detection is being detected, also tells you the strength of the detection. Knowing this can come in handy and how far away your threat is from you. Lastly you can connect this directly to your computer to update the database so you won’t have to ever get a new radar detector. Just do a quick update and you are good as new again! For $50 less you can get the CR85 which people currently are say performance just as good.



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