• What's the best radar detector to buy?

      Best Radar Detector on the Market

      Best Radar Detector on the Market

      Best Radar Detector ReviewsChoosing the best radar detectors on the market is a difficult task, as there are many models and brands out there with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t take the price into consideration, there are numerous choices on the market. However, one of the best money can buy, according to hundreds of reviews and the number of products sold is the Valentine One.

      Pros: The dual antenna is very useful, as it can provide full 360 degrees protection and lets you know when the threat is behind you. It is able to detect threats that use any one of the 4 bands for electromagnetic waves;

      Cons: it costs well over $500 and the design is old. The company hasn’t upgrades the design since 1996, they actually pride themselves for keeping the old design all these years.

      In depth Valentine One review

      At almost $500, the Valentine One radar detector is definitely an expensive one, but once you start analyzing all the features it comes with, you will realize that it is worth every penny. In the first couple of months, you will save enough from speed tickets to cover this cost.

      First of all, the radar comes with multiple antennas, which means that it is able to detect the electromagnetic waves given off by the radar or laser speed guns the police uses from a distance and alerts you on time to break or at least slow down. The two antennas also let you know once you’ve bypassed the threat so you can relax, while also informing you of how far the threat is, the power of the signal and the band on which it has been detected. The radar is able to detect bands such as X, K, Ka and Super Wideband. Although the design is old, the color of the radar is black, which means that it blends perfectly with the dash so it doesn’t draw attention. At night, the LED flash lights are not distracting and not very powerful either. When it detects a false treat, a “J” will appear on the display, which signifies that the radar has successfully detected electromagnetic waves and the fact that they are false threats. The “J” stands for “Junk”.

      According to the reviews and to the various tests performed by specialists, the Valentine One is the best radar detector on the market, constantly beating the competition with all the features implemented and saving people money spent uselessly on speed tickets since 1996.

       The Price

      Although Valentine One comes with a lot of features and is constantly beating the competition in terms of detecting threats from a distance, there is one bad thing about it and that is the price. Not everybody can afford a $500 radar detector, which is why most people tend to avoid it. It is simply not rentable except for those that constantly break the speed limit and have to pay huge amounts of money to the police on speed tickets. For the average economical driver that simply wants a radar detector to let him know when the police is near so he has to slow down in order to get home or at work it is way out of his budget range. The design is also something that can be considered a turn off, considering the fact that the company has not changed the design since 1996.


      Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches

      Weight: 10.6 ounces

      Aesthetics: The design is old. The company hasn’t performed any type of update since 1996 and according to what they actually said that they aren’t planning on doing any modification to it anytime soon.

      Functionality: It is the best radar detector money can buy and you are bound to save hundreds, if not thousands of money spent on speed tickets every year;

      Ergonomics: The installing process is very easy and understanding how it works is quite easy.

      Bottom Line:

      Valentine One Radar is hands down the best radar detector on the market. Although the price is rather high and the design are ancient, since the company did not upgrade anything on it since 1996, all the features it comes with will make it impossible for you to be caught off guard.



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