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      Escort Redline Radar Detector Review

      Escort Redline Radar Detector Review

      Pros: It comes with a dual antenna that can detect even the furthest threats, so you have time to break and reduce the speed you’re driving with. It also has many technologies that allow it to detect only the real threats, that automatically silence the alarm after you’ve been notified of a threat and many more;
      Cons: It costs over $500;

      In-depth review of Escort Redline Radar Detector

      Escort Redline Radar Detector ReviewThe first thing you are bound to notice about the Escort Redline Radar Detector is the price. As it costs only $500, it makes even the richest of people wonder what kind of radar detector could cost so much? Well, this particular model, although expensive, can be very helpful in detecting any kind of speed guns used by the police, whether the usual ones or the laser ones.

      The Redline Radar Detector is one of the best on the market thanks to the many technologies it comes with that help it properly detect any kind of threat it may lie ahead but not only that, it can verify and positively identify the real threats from the fake ones and thus, you don’t have to brake and stop whenever the radar detects an electromagnetic wave. The TotalShield technology makes the radar detector practically invisible to any speed gun the policemen might have.

      All in all, the Escort Redline radar detector might be very expensive compared to other models, but you are definitely buying one of the top rated radar detectors on the market, so those money are money well spent.

      A truckload of money for a radar detector

      Although all the features this particular model of radar detector offers are quite incredible, there is one bad thing about it though and that is the price it can be bought with. Sold on Amazon at more than $500, the Escort Redline seems to be designed only for those that enjoy speed, but, like the rest of us, hate getting a ticket, so they prefer investing in one of these radar detectors to keep their money safe. Bottom line is, the Escort RedLine is very expensive and that is a downside that can highly influence the buying decision. 

      Good news now!

      If you leave aside the rather spicy price of the Redline, you will notice all the great features and technologies it comes with that make the sting of the price a bit less painful. First of all, the Redline comes with a dual antenna that makes sure to identify all threats from a long distance ahead to give you time to break and slow down and it also lets you know once you’ve passed the speed gun. It is impossible for the policemen to detect this model due to the TotalShield technology that make it virtually invisible to any type of detector. Most radar detectors have some way of warning you about a possible threat that may lie ahead through visual or auditory signal, but what’s special about the Redline is that after warning you that there is a speed gun ahead, it automatically reduces the alert alarm so you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s highly convenient if you hate alert alarms, because after letting you know that there is a threat up ahead, you won’t have to lose time to put the volume down. It’s a useful feature.


      Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches

      Weight: 1.8 pounds

      Aesthetics: Being a radar detector, the aesthetics don’t really matter, but the Redline is small and black, which make it invisible to the sunrays (other models are grey and they can easily be spotted once the sunrays hit them);

      Functionality: The RedLine is one of the best radar detectors on the market, with a lot of technologies that enable it to detect all the threats from a long distance;

      Ergonomics: The radar detector is small and easy to maneuver and user;

      Bottom line

      The bottom line is that the RedLine is one of the best radar detectors on the market today. It comes with a lot of features and technologies that make it very easy to use and very efficient at its job. Although the price might prove to be quite spicy, it is definitely worth it. Click here for more radar detector reviews. See which radar detector wins the Escort Redline vs Passport Max.



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