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      The Best Cop Detector Radar

      Looking for the best radar to detect cops that are trying to catch you speeding? Good news for you, this is the place to be to find the radar detectors. Cop detectors, more commonly known as radar detectors which pick up frequency waves from the radar guns used by cops. Having a cop radar detector will alert you when there’s a cop using a radar gun, looking for people who are speeding. Well, let’s jump into what the best cop radar detectors are. (Click here full best radar detector buying guide)

      Best Cop Radar Detector of All time

      Valentine One Radar Detector

      v1-radar-detectorThe Valentine v1 radar detector is not only one of the greatest radar detectors on the market; it’s one of the most expensive ones as well. The cost for the top radar detector will run you close to $500. However, is it really worth the $500 when you can buy radar detectors for much cheaper? Well, yes and no. This radar detector is one of best out, hands down. You won’t find very many radar detectors that have the range of the V1 if any at all. They claim they test it in pure open terrain and detected radars between 8-13 miles. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.  Of course, it won’t pick up that kind of range all the time. The test was done in open terrain and won’t do that around corns or over hills.

      It also picks up laser guns as well, not just radar guns. Unlike most cop radar detectors , this one is built from a metal casing made out of magnesium to prevent interference with other electronic devices within the car. If money is not a problem this would be the one to get, no questions asked. If it’s too pricey check out our best radar detectors under $200 guide.

      Best Radar Detector for under $200

      There are plenty of good radar detectors for under $200 that works extremely well. They might not have all the same features and range of the V1 radar detector but still high-performance and work very well. The difference between the best radar detector and ones under $200 is not a big difference.  Some main things might include; slightly shorter range, you will get false alarms and ECT…

      Drumroll… or the Best Radar Detector for under $200

      Beltronics Vector V940 Radar Detector

      Beltronics Vector V940 Radar DetectorThis was one of my first radar detectors and eventually pawned it off to my brother. It has saved me countless times on several close calls. Costing around $170, the Vector V940 detects both radar and laser guns which are a good perk for under $200. It built with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and several sensors to get that long range performance. This radar detector also uses VG-2 detection, so they can’t detect that you’re using a radar detector.

      The bottom line, this is one of the top radar detectors you will get for under $200. If you’re looking for something less expensive, check out the bestselling radar detector for under $100 below.

      Best Radar Detector for under $100

      Looking for a radar detector for under 100? We have the perfect cop detector for you right here! Check out the hottest-selling radar detector for less than $100.

      Cobra XRS 9645 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

      Cobra XRS 9645 15 Band Radar/Laser DetectorThis 15 band detection cop radar is a beast for the price. Clocking in at $100 even the cobra XRS radar detector is the best you’re going to get for the money. It provides 360-degree detection around you and not just in front. One the most amazing feature of this radar detector is the Spectre. What this does is alert your when a cop is to try to detect your radar detector, some states you’re not allowed radar detectors which make this come in handy.

      The 15 bands detect 7 types of radars, 6 types of laser and 2 safety signals. It provides a 5-bar strength signal to indicate how close the cop is, 5 being the highest. The range is more than enough for the price of the performance you will get out of it. Check out “Police Radar Detector” article to find more!



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